Hispanic TV Advertising Effectiveness

January 2, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

While utilizing our ThinkNow Link™ ad testing, we learned some beneficial lessons when it comes to producing effective television ads for the Hispanic community. Read on to discover what works in Hispanic advertising...

  1. Commercials that span over long periods of time or use too many settings tend to under-perform.
  2. Presenting too many products at a time dilutes the message.
  3. Dubbed commercials are recalled – but not for the right reasons. They tend to have low likability scores
  4. Humans are hardwired to like babies. Hispanics especially like them in their commercials.
  5. Sex sells. Commercials containing sexual content score higher on all measures including Persuasion.
  6. Humor gets viewer’s attention – though complex humor may fall flat. Remember, U.S. Hispanics share a common language but come from over 20 countries and don’t all share common experiences.
  7. When the ad revolves around the brand, ads tend to work for the brand. When they are about themselves, they might be great, but they often don’t work particularly well for the brand.
  8. Commercials with a Happy/Upbeat tone perform better on all measures.
  9. The often cited Hispanic family values stereotype holds true. Ads that portray families do well.
  10. Fear/apprehension, and other strong emotions, generally get viewers’ attention.
  11. A neutral or clinical tone is generally flat across all measures.
  12. Ads featuring celebrities are generally recalled, but don’t necessarily move the needle when it comes to persuasion.
  13. Hispanics respond to images that portray their culture.
  14. Hispanics respond very positively to brand comparisons. If your brand is better than the competition say so!
  15. New and improved works. Ads that convey new information seem to grab and keep the Latino consumer’s attention better than the same old stuff.
  16. Commercials that solve problems perform slightly better than those that don’t.
  17. Ads with wordplay get remembered, but they’re not necessarily persuasive.
  18. Having the protagonist in the role of ‘user’ adds credibility and especially helps persuasion scores.
  19. Products that work quickly/save time, get attention and do particularly well with brand linkage and persuasion.

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