Gender-Neutral Roles and Representation in Advertising and the Workplace

April 12, 2023 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

The global economy runs on transportation, and if that transportation moves people or things and needs service and maintenance, technicians are doing the work. Yet less than 3% of employed technicians are women and a major contributor to that statistic is the stereotypes around who "can" or "should" be a technician.

Gendered roles and responsibilities, from the workplace to the home front, slam the doors of progress and perpetuate a narrative of exclusivity. Breaking the cycle requires featuring people from various backgrounds in different circumstances. This is especially crucial for marketers to connect with contemporary consumers, notably Gen Z, who reject conventional societal norms. That's why brands such as Ulta Beauty showcase both male and female models in their advertisements, and it's no longer newsworthy for men to wear skirts on the red carpet.

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Dana Rapoport, Chief of DE&I at TechForce Foundation, discusses gender-neutral roles and the importance of a diverse workforce.

Meet: Dana Rapoport, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion, TechForce Foundation

As a lifelong car enthusiast, Dana Rapoport combines a 30-year career in management consulting along with her passion for all things transportation as Chief of Diversity and Inclusion for TechForce Foundation. Working towards the TechForce mission - to champion all students to and through their technical education and into careers as professional technicians – Dana is connecting to diverse populations to create awareness, demonstrate what’s possible and educate the industry on how to welcome and unite all populations.

Through initiatives such as Women Techs Rock, the TechForce DEI Advisory Council, research papers and other outreach, Dana is impacting the workforce shortage and increasing the number of women and other diverse populations into the technician career.