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Boomers Driving New Wave Of Cord-Cutting

Millennials have been ruining everything for the past five years. From the workplace to grocery stores, Millennials have been blamed for every marketers’ woes imaginable in the past decade. However, there’s a new disruptor in town, and they’re older: Boomers. Millennials have blamed them for almost everything as well but let’s not get into that. In our 2018 Total Market Media report, we found that Boomers are disrupting something that they aren’t typically credited for, live TV. An audience that marketers have relied on for tuning in for their regularly scheduled programs are now taking the leap into streaming like their younger counterparts

ThinkNow Mobile App Report: Why Brands Are Turning Back To Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are experiencing a retail renaissance. Nike’s revenue has done a complete 180 this year, showing one of their strongest quarters in the past decade,driven primarily by their new mobile strategy which leveled up its mobile app to include gamification features. Starbucks’ mobile app has transformed the way coffee lovers order and pay for their favorite brews, and McDonalds’ new mobile app strategy has managed to appeal to younger consumers and lower labor costs. For a technology that’s showing its age (apps have been around for a decade now), it’s exciting to see a renewed interest in it by retailers and brands, despite a string of headlines alluding to “the death of the mobile app.”

Mexican Beer Is The New Domestic Beer

Advertising for Mexican beers imported to the U.S. is on the uptick. Everything from TV commercials to digital in-stream ads point to Americans’ love affair with the light, crisp flavor of lagers you can only get south of the border. About two-thirds of America’s imported beer is Mexican, most of which is distributed by Constellation Brands, Inc. In a recent shareholder report, Constellation reported fourth-quarter sales and profit above Wall Street estimates, driven by strong demand for high-margin Mexican import beers, Corona and Modelo. Beer sales, which accounted for about 77% of the net sales in the quarter, rose nearly 12% to $997.2 million. To cater to the rising demand, Constellation will spend $900 million in 2019 to expand capacity at its breweries in Ciudad Obregón, Mexico.

[Video] Cross-Cultural Gen Z: How to Think About Culture & Ethnicity with Gen Z

ThinkNow co-Founder Mario X. Carrasco recently presented our latest research findings on Gen Z at the 2017 Qual360 North America Conference at Gallup’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. Entitled “Cross-Cultural Gen Z: How to Think About Culture & Ethnicity with Gen Z”, Mario shared key insights about this young cohort, such as how they interpret culture and ethnicity and the role these factors play in their lifestyle choices and purchasing habits.

Does Geography Override Inherited Culture?

How Hispanic Attitudes Towards Family Influence Hispanic Advertising There was a time when nearly all U.S. Hispanics could be found in the West and Southwest. Now, the fastest growing Hispanic populations are in North Carolina and Georgia. Midwestern States, such as Iowa, have experienced triple-digit Hispanic population growth over the past fifteen years. In market research, we often use someone’s inherited race and culture as a way of predicting their preferences and behaviors. Does this approach still have value at a time when cultural groups are now dispersed across the country?

ThinkNow Gen™ We Are Gen Z: We Are Shoppers Report

African-American Gen Z Shoppers Discover Brands Online But Purchase In-Store While Millennials still get the lion’s share of attention, Gen Z, the demographic cohort nipping at the heels of their older siblings, are beginning to take center stage. Known as the Plurals, Founders, or the iGeneration, Gen Z consumers may be setting their own rules, somewhat, but because of their age, still look to their parents and friends to make purchase decisions.

Hispanic Attitudes towards Health and Wellbeing

The Hispanic Millennial Project is a joint research study developed by cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis and market research firm ThinkNow Research. This study on Attitudes towards Health and Wellbeing captures five key themes about Hispanic Millennials:

Reports of the Death of Broadcast Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Over the past 10-15 years we’ve been preparing for the demise of television and the advent of our new digital future where the 30 second ad is dead and all a content is viewed in time-shifted, personally-curated, mobile-screen sized formats.

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] How do Millennials Embrace Ethnic Food & Beverages?

Based on the 4th wave of our Millennial research, we've created an infographic highlighting some key points on Millennials and their ethnic product consumption. Click here to download the full detailed report and learn more about Millennials and their food & beverage consumption.

U.S. Millennials: Multicultural Differences in Food, Beverage & Alcohol Consumption

The U.S. Millennial population has been in the headlines a lot as of late – “Millennials Overtake Baby Boomers as Largest Generation”, “Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the Largest Generation in the U.S. Labor Force” and “The Millennial Takeover Continues” are a sampling of the tone that most of these headlines share. The impression one might get from reading these articles is that this generation marches lockstep in the same direction and has similar goals, desires and preferences. If that were true, it would make things a lot easier for marketers, but that is not at all the case. We just completed Wave 4 of The Millennial Project, our joint research study with the Sensis Ad agency, and