ThinkNow Media™ Report 2019

  • Digital Cable continues to be the most popular type of TV service and now enjoys a stronger lead over Satellite TV. This lead is the result of a slight increase in use of Digital Cable and a significant decline in the use of Satellite TV.
  • Live TV viewership continues to decline as consumers opt-into on-demand services. Netflix and YouTube are now reported as the most common methods for watching TV programs.
  • Streaming reported as the Most Often used service for watching TV programming. Younger watchers are driving this growth with nearly all Gen Z and most Gen Y preferring this method.
Report Abstract

This eye-opening report discusses the findings of our nationwide survey of consumers' media consumption habits and attitudes on various platforms including Live TV, streaming services, gaming, and social media. Insights include:

  • Type Of TV Service Used
  • Methods Used For Watching TV Programs
  • Use of Streaming Services For Watching TV
  • Popularity Of Mobile Devices For Playing Video Games
  • Appeal Of New TV Services
  • And More...