ThinkNow Gen™ We Are Gen Z: We Are Shoppers Report

  • We are GenZ takes a holistic approach to understanding the generation of individuals born between the years 1995 and 2005.
  • ThinkNow Research, an award-winning culturally-integrated market research agency, integrating Hispanic, African-American, and Asian insights into custom market research, presents and in-depth analysis of the brands, influencers, behaviors and ideals that matter most to Generation Z.
Report Abstract

In the second wave of the ThinkNow Gen TM We Are Gen Z Report, a collaboration between ThinkNow Research and Sensis Agency, we take a closer look at how Gen Z shoppers make purchase decisions and how finances impact those decisions. GEN Z Shoppers at a glance:

  • Gender Matters
  • Old-School Rules
  • We're Not Always Digital
  • Frugal Is The New Black
  • Of Brands And Men
  • Kids Want What They Can't Have
  • Six Degrees Of Supervision
  • Happiness Can't Be Brought But Independence Can
  • Good Taste Doesn't Lose It's Flavor
  • If It Has To Be Healthy, Water Please
  • I Eat Therefore I Am Proud Of My Culture