ThinkNow Drive™ – Automobile Buying Trends & Habits Report 2017

  • African-Americans and Asians are the most likely to say they will be purchasing a vehicle within the next 12 months.
  • Although the majority of all groups are thinking of purchasing new, Hispanics and African Americans are significantly more likely than average to be considering the purchase of a used vehicle.
  • Of the main body styles tested sedans, small SUVs and compacts have similar appeal among likely auto buyers in different ethnic groups, but Hispanics show significantly higher interest in pickups.
Report Abstract

The automotive industry is showing early signs of becoming one of 2017’s fastest evolving industries. ThinkNow DriveTM is our latest research study that focuses on automobile buying trends and habits. The study contents include the following:

  • Purchase Horizon
  • Purchase New vs. Used
  • Body Style
  • Information Sources Used
  • Important Attributes in a New Vehicle Purchase
  • Important Vehicle Attributes
  • Engine Preference
  • Reason for Engine Preference
  • New Auto Technology Innovation Most Comfortable With