ThinkNow Affinity™ Brand Loyalty Report

  • Hispanics are about as loyal to brands as the Total Market.
  • Hispanics have similar loyalty to brands across categories as the Total Market, non-Hispanic Whites are slightly more loyal, Asians are slightly less loyal.
  • Hispanics are about as likely as the Total Market to stick with a product even if it’s not available at the store they’re at. Asians are more likely to buy an alternate.
Report Abstract

ThinkNow Affinity TM analyzes brand loyalty across the Total Market & several core CPG categories giving brands insight into how they can attract and retain brand loyalty among key demographics. The study contents include the following:

  • Brand Switching by ethnicity
  • Brand Switching by Category
  • Brand Purchase Behavior by ethnicity
  • Brand Purchase Behavior by Categories
  • Brand Purchase Behavior by Hispanic Segment