The Future of Vehicle Ownership: 2019 Purchase Trend

  • Most consumers intending to obtain a new vehicle in the next 3 years plan on buying new – rather than leasing or buying used.
  • Vehicle purchase intenders are aware of online platforms for buying a vehicle, but the majority prefers to buy in-person.
  • Scooter and bicycle sharing services are not well-known; millennials are leading in terms of usage, which is non-existing among boomers.
Report Abstract

Get insight into consumer vehicle purchase preferences and motivations, ride-sharing adoption, and the impact of technology on the automotive industry in our latest report. The study contents include the following:

  • Vehicle Preferences - Body Types
  • Purchase Preferences - Online Vs. In-Person Purchases
  • Technology Preferences - Familirity with Alternative-fuel Vehicles
  • Familirity with Ride-Sharing Services
  • And More...