Quick Service Restaurant Study

  • The quick service industry is currently undergoing a transformative change.
  • Consumer tastes are shifting both in terms of menu offerings as well as preferred dining experience.
  • For years chains competed on value which made sense, especially during the great recession, but this strategy has reached its limits as consumers demand higher quality ingredients and hipper fast casual formats.
Report Abstract

American cultures are changing, and if you're a fast food company, you'll want to shift with the opinions of these consumers as well. We studied how these groups feel about fast food restaurants and their competitors. Check out our detailed report and see how you measure up. The study contents include the following (divided into - Total Market, Hispanics, Non-Hispanics, African-American & Asian):

  • Fast Food/Informal Eating Restaurant Visited (Past 12 Months)
  • Most Value, Best Quality & Best Menu Selection