Multicultural Digital Report 2018

  • The Multicultural Digital Report 2018 is a 100+ page resource for the U.S. marketing community—brands, agencies, and media companies—committed to driving growth with the U.S. multicultural population.
  • This report is unique in that it quantifies digital spend by ethnicity and race (a first for our industry) and provides empirical support for in-culture marketing. It also fills important gaps on digital usage and attitudes across a total market population.
  • Based on the significant landscape shifts over the last two decades, this report introduces new insights on how to maximize marketing effectiveness with multicultural consumers through digital media.
Report Abstract

The Multicultural Digital Report 2018 is a 100+ page resource for brands, media companies, publishers, and researchers that measures digital media usage across Latinos, Asian and African-American consumers in addition to non-Latino Whites. The report showcases the results of an empirical test comparing in-culture and non in-culture content and measures digital media ad spend by ethnicity and race. The study contents include the following:

    • Digital Media Spend in 2018
    • Language Use at Home By Nativity for Latinos
    • Social Media by Daypart
    • Case Studies
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