Hispanic Shopping Trends 2015

  • Hispanics are heavy online shoppers. Nearly all buy products online at least occasionally; one-third wish they could buy everything online.
  • The heaviest Hispanic online shoppers are males, bilinguals and 18 to 34 year olds. Households with $40K+ income are also heavier online consumers than those with under $40K.
  • A large share of Hispanic online shoppers (just over half) say they are buying more online now compared to one year ago. This increase is being driven by Millennials.
Report Abstract
An in-depth look of how online shopping habits have changed from this year to last across Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and non-Hispanic white consumers.
  • Find out the frequency of buying something online & in-person
  • Devices used when buying products online
  • Product categories bought online
  • And much more...