Hispanic Bilingual TV Advertising

  • Recently, a 30 second AT&T television ad, Vive Sin Compromisos, caught our attention. It shows young, appealing, Latino’s talking about themselves and reacting to the company’s cellular service.
  • What makes this ad stand out is that the actors speak in English, Spanish and mix of the two; Spanglish.
  • We wanted to see how the ad resonated with Spanish Preferred Hispanics, English Preferred Hispanics and Bicultural Millennials by testing it through our ThinkNow LinkTM online ad test.
Report Abstract
The question of which language to use in advertising comes up frequently in Hispanic strategic planning since budgets don’t always allow for dual language campaigns. Could bilingual advertising be a viable solution? Download our complete study to read what we found in our research of a popular TV commercial.
  • Learn what resonated with bilingual Hispanic and non-Hispanic viewers.
  • Discover the potential impact of bilingual advertising on brand equity.
  • Find out the challenges and tradeoffs among the target audience.
  • And much more...