Fast Food Restaurants Report 2016

  • Consumers are most likely to eat at fast food restaurants both weekends and weekdays. However, Hispanics prefer to go on weekends only more than the other segments.
  • The vast majority of consumers go to fast food restaurants for lunch. Dinner is the next most common occasion.
  • Hispanics go to a fast food restaurant to spend time with others. This is similar to Asians and Non-Hispanics and significantly higher than African-Americans.
Report Abstract

Our report takes a closer look at the preferences among total market consumers eating at quick service restaurants. The study contents include the following:

  • Frequency of Eating at Fast Food Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurant Occasions
  • Who do they go with?
  • Mean Spent at Fast Food Restaurants
  • Fast Food Restaurants Visited in Past Six Months
  • Fast Food Restaurants Visited Most Often
  • Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
  • Most Important Factors When Choosing Fast Food Restaurants
  • Demographics