Back-to-School Shopping Insights

  • 59% of all Hispanics are likely to do back-to-school shopping. Of these, 95% will patronize a Mass Merchant/Supercenter type store for at least part of their shopping.
  • The primary draw at Mass Merchant/Supercenters for all Hispanics irrespective of language are school supplies, followed distantly by clothing.
  • 92% of Hispanics who will shop at a Mass Merchant/Supercenter for school supplies also plan on buying clothing as part of their seasonal shopping, and 63% of these will look to Apparel Stores for at least some of the clothing they’re shopping for.
Report Abstract
It’s time for back-to-school shopping… and Hispanics are spending.
In this Hispanic Back-to-School Research Study, you will gain insights into how and where Hispanics are spending this back-to-school season:
  • How much are Hispanics projected to spend?
  • Where are Hispanics shopping?
  • Is level of acculturation a factor?
  • And much more...