Back-to-School Shopping Behavior

  • U.S. Hispanic families are younger than average and have more kids in the home to shop for. 61% state they’ll be partaking in Back-to-School vs. 50% of non-Hispanics.
  • Larger families translate into a higher Household spend for Back-to-School shopping. Each Hispanic household plans to spend $368 in Back-to-School purchase this year vs. $330 for non-Hispanic households.
  • Nearly 90% of Back-to-School shoppers start in July or August. 10% start shopping in June.
Report Abstract
What are Hispanic consumers’ behaviour during the Back to School season and how does it compare to other groups?
  • Find out the share of Hispanic Households engaging in Back-to-School shopping
  • How much they spend.
  • The likely channels that are used for Back-to-School purchases.
  • And much more...