Yo no juego fútbol: Latino LGBTQIA Consumers Are So Much More

Growing up as an Ecuadorian American, I felt that people heavily associated Latinos with soccer so much that it seemed synonymous. While I’m not a sports fan, I think it’s important to point out that Latinos are multifaceted, enjoying many sports and pursuing various interests. While we can have this discussion about Hispanics in general, in honor of Pride Month, we’ll take a deep dive into LGBTQIA Latinx sports enthusiasts who are not soccer aficionados to see what stands out.

In a study of 500+ LGBTQIA Latinx consumers that identified a favorite sport other than soccer, we found:

Demographics: the age range reported the most was between 23 and 38. Of which, 62% of respondents identified as bicultural, and 52% stated having a strong attachment to the US. Furthermore:

  • 16% are currently unemployed
  • 2.5% identify as non-binary
  • 37% identify as bisexual

Media Consumption: 9-1-1 (FOX), Grey's Anatomy (ABC), and The Good Doctor (ABC) were the top three most watched TV shows. No shows from the traditional Spanish language networks made the list. To see how traditional Spanish language networks performed with the majority of bicultural LGBTQIA Latinx sports enthusiasts, we asked which of the following Spanish-language networks have you watched in the past months, if any? About 40% have watched Univision, and less than 40% have watched Telemundo. Brands need to understand where their consumers are consuming media.

Brands: speaking of brands, among LGBTQIA Latinx consumers who aren’t soccer superfans,

  • 35% have consumed Grey Goose in the last six months
  • 17% go out to a casual dining restaurant 2-3x a month
  • 52% have consumed Arizona / Arizona Tea in the last six months

Financial: among this audience, digital current presents a significant opportunity, as:

  • 5% own digital currency as a financial product
  • 19% have invested between $500-$2,500 in cryptocurrency

Yet, 23% don't have a driver's license.

And finally, when asked which of these sports would you consider to be your favorite? Soccer came in fifth place behind basketball, football, and boxing.

My point. US Hispanics are a diverse population influenced by the cultures of their countries of origin and by acculturation to American ways of life. Brands who are successful in audience targeting understand these nuances and use innovative segmentation tools built on rich data to improve targeting criteria and consumer insights.

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we demistify diverse communities through research technology

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we demistify diverse communities through research technology

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