Not All Advertising Reaches The Hispanic Market

February 19, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

Certain groups of consumers can be harder to reach than others for a number of reasons. Language barriers can make it tough to reach specific communities of consumers, as well as economic barriers. Many mainstream advertising campaigns are conducted in just one language and this can exclude a large number of potential buyers of your product or service, if they do not speak or read the language your advertising is in. In addition, when certain languages are translated to the proper language of your audience, it may be literally translated but not have the correct intended meaning. For this specific reason, you can test your advertisements before they go public, and verify their appeal and intended use for their audience.

Income can also create an advertising barrier. There is a large sector of the population that is in a lower socio-economic status and advertising is not always aimed toward these people. A number of these people that may not have access to certain forms of media such as the internet, magazines, or even cable television will not even get the opportunity to be exposed to your ads, but may likely be buyers of your product/service if they were aware of it. A great deal of marketing and advertising takes place through these three mediums, and it is essential to research your target market to discover the ideal media channel that reaches them.

The Hispanic market can be one of the toughest communities to reach and this is why a number of companies depend on market research to help them find out what it takes to appeal to this consumer base. There are a number of ways that market research companies collect their information. Some take the following approaches: concept and product testing, website usability studies, omnibus surveys, and online qualitative studies. All of these tools can be very effective in collecting data that companies use to better tailor their advertising efforts toward Hispanic consumer groups.

Businesses that rely on research companies to help them reach the Hispanic market ( realize that there is a large part of the population that is being missed when it comes to marketing. The ability to target these hard to reach consumers gives businesses the ability to increase their profit base, and appeal to a much larger audience than they did without research.