Mobile Usage Among Hispanics Is On The Rise

February 10, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

It is no secret that our society has become attached to their electronic devices. People stay constantly connected with each other through their mobile devices. Today a cell phone is the equivalent to a mini computer that we can have with us throughout the day. Not only can people talk, text, and send instant messages, but they can connect to the Internet to send emails and even print documents. One part of the population that seems to be increasing their mobile use is the Hispanic population.

There are a variety of mobile phones that people can choose from. These phones come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and of course they come with a wide range of price tags as well. People tend to choose their phones by the way they look, the size of the phone, and the functions that the phone offers. One big consideration for many people is the quality of the camera that comes with the phone. People are constantly using their phones to connect to social media and many people upload a number of photos daily to at least one social media site.

Hispanic mobile usage has been on the rise over the past several years. The Hispanic population has become a very important target when it comes to advertising for mobile products because they are the fastest growing group of mobile users in society today. Various marketing studies have shown that the Hispanic population tends to use their mobile phones to connect to social media, as well as for texting and downloading music. All of these functions are easy and convenient when done from a mobile phone.

Another area where Hispanic mobile usage has increased is in business. There is a large portion of the Hispanic population that comprises of small business owners and their mobile devices give them the flexibility and the freedom to conduct business transactions and maintain constant contact with their employees or business partners.