Hispanic Caregivers Study

December 1, 2020 Author: ThinkNow


A membership association needed to build a foundational need assessment of Latino caregivers, their experiences, journeys, and challenges. The research informed the association’s upcoming demonstration project within Los Angeles District 1 communities. The research objectives were to learn about caregiver needs and the current Hispanic/Latino experience, build a connected experience that meets the needs of the local community, and identify key levers that will drive the impact and relevance of the association’s programs. Additionally, innovative solutions were sought that can address gaps or improve the caregiver experience and replicate best practices by building out tools to be adapted into other markets.   


ThinkNow conducted an immersive, ethnographic study of 15 Stakeholders, 22 Caregivers (Low, Medium, High Acculturated Hispanics) and 9 Care recipients (Age range 57-90).


ThinkNow’s insights enabled the association to strategize at the local level and more effectively direct its offering to other audiences across the country. Additionally, data from the ThinkNow study informed the association’s hypothesis as to what is needed in the Latino caregiver community and helped define the metrics used to measure success.