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5 Private Sector Best Practices Government Agencies Should Adopt

At ThinkNow we have the privilege of being able to work in both the public and private sectors, often on similar types of projects, and have noticed key differences in how they operate. Government agencies tend to be more procedural, with a clear chain of command, while private companies tend to lean into a more collaborative approach. Those differences are often necessary to the efficient operation of the organization or department but not always. The challenge for both is to break out of old mindsets and habits that hinder effectiveness.

Millennial Vaccination Habits Vary by Ethnicity

But opinions about early childhood and HPV vaccines contradict. Why the difference? Whenever there is an outbreak of the measles, mumps or some other vaccine preventable infectious disease, we hear a lot about herd immunity – the notion that if 90%-95% of a population is vaccinated infectious diseases cannot get a toehold in a population. This idea, however, may be providing us a false sense of security because for herd immunity to work, vaccinated individuals need to be distributed evenly among a population to act as buffers against transmission and, it turns out, they’re not.

Hispanic Attitudes towards Health and Wellbeing

The Hispanic Millennial Project is a joint research study developed by cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis and market research firm ThinkNow Research. This study on Attitudes towards Health and Wellbeing captures five key themes about Hispanic Millennials:

California Hispanics Lag in Awareness of Drought Mandated Water Reduction

If you live in California you’ve been bombarded with drought related public service announcements and news stories for the past several months. One would, therefore, assume that everyone in the state is well aware of the drought and its severity.

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] U.S. Armed Forces: Who is More Likely to Serve?

We’ve previously studied how Hispanics and non-Hispanics feel about the Military. Specifically, we explored their interest in joining the army, which military branch resonated the most with them, and how their acculturation had a part to play in this. We found that Hispanics are highly patriotic and have a rather positive attitude towards serving their country.

June 17th, 2015|Blog, Government Research|

ThinkNow Research Awarded GSA AIMS Schedule 541

ThinkNow Research has been awarded a five year / 20 year option Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solution (AIMS) Schedule 541 contract by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the procurement agency for the federal government.

May 4th, 2015|Blog, Government Research, News|

Is the American Dream Unhealthy for Hispanics?

It’s the story that makes America great… Hispanics immigrate to the U.S., looking for a new and better life for their families. One of things that the first generation brings with them is their traditional eating habits… Hispanic meals that are, at their core, much healthier than current US eating habits. According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report submitted recently

Not Immunizing Children… What Are You Afraid Of?

In an effort to understand parents’ decisions about immunizing their children (or not), ThinkNow Research conducted a nationwide study, comparing the immunization plans of Hispanic families to those of non-Hispanics. While there were some similarities, there were some very interesting differences, too.

Are Hispanics More Patriotic?

In a recent nationwide study of 18-24 year olds, ThinkNow Research wanted to compare the group’s feelings toward the U.S. military (all branches). Specifically, we wanted to see how Hispanics matched up with non-Hispanics. When asked if they would ever consider joining one of the military branches, 31% of Hispanics said they would, compared to just 24% for non-Hispanics. However, drilling down a few layers showed three very interesting dichotomies within the Hispanic population:

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Hispanic Sentiment Towards Flu Shots

We all dislike getting sick, especially with the flu, which can sometimes lead to being hospitalized or in worst cases even death. So when flu season comes around we do whatever we can to avoid catching the flu, including getting flu shots. There are a variety of opinions when it comes to influenza and vaccines. We examined Hispanics’ beliefs towards flu shots as compared to non-Hispanics through our Omnibus PLUS+ study. Check out our infographic to see what we discovered.

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