How to Attract US Hispanic Consumers?

February 9, 2015 Author: Mario X. Carrasco

The United States is a community that combines individuals from cultures all over the world who must learn how to live cooperatively. Each community has its own unique customs and traditions that heavily influence what they decide to eat, to wear, and altogether how to carry themselves in society. For this reason, it is necessary for companies to focus particularly on specific communities like the Hispanic community and their paticular needs.

There are a number of ways which one can attract Hispanic consumers:

1. Through Market Research: It involves a thorough analysis of Hispanic consumers as to what do they wear, what they eat, how they shop, etc. This analysis helps companies understand their needs and preferences. For example Hispanics tend to prefer beer over wine and they spend larger quantities of money on food products. Keeping custom research in mind, is crucial to attract the Hispanic market.

2. Through advertising: Advertisements help brands reach out to the people in different communities and they try to influence them to buy a certain product. Print media and Electronic Media, both if used properly can help in generating awareness among people. Advertisement generates an image in a customer’s mind and the better the image, the more valuable the product becomes for the customers.


There are many methods through which Hispanic consumers can be attracted, such as...
Concept testing, website usability studies, product testing, online quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. There are experts that offer online market research solutions that can help you enhance your Hispanic marketing strategy, thereby expanding your market reach and growing your business.

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