Brand & Ad Tracking Study

December 15, 2020 Author: ThinkNow

Background: TV service provider Dish LATINO was looking for a partner to conduct an ongoing brand health and advertising tracking study.  The research objective was to better understand the U.S. Latino consumer across four acculturation levels, including the difficult-to-reach unacculturated segment. The tracking study would monitor key metrics for the brand and its competitors, including brand awareness, familiarity, likelihood to use, and brand perception. DishLATINO also wanted a vehicle to test the recall, perception, and persuasion of many of its Spanish-language TV ads.

Solution: ThinkNow created a custom hybrid solution for DishLATINO to meet the needs of the study. Using our proprietary Hispanics panel (DigaYGane™) and intercept-to-online methods across several U.S. markets, ThinkNow has conducted ten waves and more than 10,000 interviews since 2016. The Hispanic sample includes quotas for four acculturation levels – Unacculturated, Spanish-Dominant Bicultural, English-Dominant Bicultural, and English-Dominant. ThinkNow provides a detailed report for each wave where the results of these four segments are analyzed in-depth and compared to previous waves.

Results: This research study's insights have helped the brand and its agency tailor its messaging and strategy for its target audience. DishLATINO can monitor its brand health among U.S. Latinos and stay on top of important trends impacting the TV service industry, including the adaptation of TV online streaming services. The study has also allowed DishLATINO to periodically test new messaging, TV ads, and product/service concepts.

Testimonial: “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor.  At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged, and they embrace our business as if it was their own.  We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience, and are always impressed with the exceptional quality, responsive service, and on-time, accurate reporting delivered to us.”