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Cross-Cultural Analysis of Conservation and Sustainability Attitudes in Mexico and the United States

Industria: Environment
Mercado: United States & Mexico
Demografía: General Market

Background: ThinkNow explored the attitudes toward conservation and sustainability in Mexico and compared them with those expressed in the United States to understand the level of environmental consciousness in both countries. The primary objective of the study was to shed light on practices, preferences and opportunities for improvement.

Research Methodology
: ThinkNow conducted a nationally representative online survey in Mexico in July 2023, gathering responses from 730 individuals aged 18-64 across the six Nielsen geographic areas. A similar survey was also conducted in the United States, with 2,050 participants, allowing for a comprehensive comparative analysis.

Key Findings

Conservation Practices: In Mexico, respondents primarily emphasized water conservation through practices like reducing laundry frequency and taking shorter showers, along with reducing food waste. However, activities such as growing one's food and reducing animal product consumption were less common.

Willingness to Adopt Sustainable Behaviors
: Mexican respondents were willing to incorporate sustainable behaviors into their daily lives, particularly in and around Mexico City.

Transportation Preferences: Despite over half of the respondents in Mexico not owning a car, those considering a purchase in the next year favored hybrid or electric cars over traditional gas-only vehicles.

Comparative Analysis with the U.S.: Mexican survey participants exhibited a stronger inclination towards water conservation and showcased a more conservation-minded attitude than their United States counterparts.

Presentation and Impact: The study results were presented at the Association of Mexican Insights Agencies (AMAI) conference in Mexico City in November 2023, garnering attention from industry professionals and media. The report highlighted areas where Mexican citizens excelled in conservation efforts compared to their counterparts in the United States while identifying areas requiring further education and awareness.

By identifying strengths and opportunities, the study findings contribute to ongoing discussions about environmental consciousness and sustainability efforts in both countries.