Estudios de caso

Understanding Consumer Food Trends in the US Hispanic Market – Engaging Hard-to-Reach Spanish-Dominant Hispanics

Industria: Food
Mercado: United States
Demografía: U.S. Hispanics

Background: ThinkNow is a leader in multicultural sampling, specializing in reaching difficult-to-access demographics, such as Spanish-dominant Hispanics. Recently, a client approached us with a study in which they sought consumer opinions about their newly launched products. Specifically, they wanted to understand the opinions of Spanish-dominant Hispanics and bicultural Hispanics regarding these products.

Challenge: The client's primary objective was to reach the Spanish-dominant, unacculturated Hispanic population for their study, with a target of obtaining 1,000 completes in each group. The study had several sub-quotas, and the timeline was restricted to 2 weeks.

Solution: ThinkNow gladly accepted the study and committed to meeting all required quotas within the given timeline. During the soft launch, we closely monitored quota fulfillment. Following the client's approval of the soft-launch data, they requested that we proceed with the full launch and adhere to the set timeline.

We employed our double opt-in Spanish and Bicultural panel to carefully manage the study and send survey invites per the specified requirements. Special attention was paid to challenging segments, such as the 55+ Spanish-dominant group, to ensure that quotas were met.

Results: This study was completed well ahead of the client's schedule and exceeded their expectations. The client expressed tremendous satisfaction with the study's outcome and commended ThinkNow for our dedication to the project and the effectiveness of our panel.