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A fully managed panel community will provide regular access to a nurtured pool of respondents who recognize that as part of this program they will receive a regular cadence of research activities.

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Panel Community Case Study


Samsung has been the go-to device for multicultural consumers in the U.S. but has been experiencing loss of market to an ever-growing list of handset manufacturers.

Business Challenge

Samsung needed to be able to research to consumers on a regular basis without waiting for lengthy traditional market research given the fast pace of their sector.


We recruited a panel of 1,000 android users to participate in an unbranded panel community revolved around mobile handsets that Samsung was able to tap into for research 24/7.


Samsung launched the Galaxy 5 & 6, their flagship handsets to record results among multicultural consumers in 2015 and 2016 in part due to the marketing research they conducted via the community in order to optimizing multicultural messaging.

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