thinknow Media

Zero-party data-driven multicultural audience network

  • Reach Hispanic, Black, Asian, and LGBTQIA+ audiences
  • Does not rely on cookies or contextual advertising
  • Spans over a decade of longitudinal data


    First multicultural zero-party data to be integrated into programmatic platforms.

    Purpose driven

    We help media buyers reach multicultural consumers in a culturally relevant way.


    Multicultural zero-party data specialists with over 15 years of experience.

    The ThinkNow Media Difference

    ThinkNow Media does not rely on cookies or contextual advertising. Our zero-party survey data spans over a decade of longitudinal data and is updated monthly to ensure accuracy.

    Cookie data’s issues are well known and documented but the real issue is that cookies are going away. With ThinkNow Media, you can begin to sever your reliance on cookie data.

    Contextual advertising has continued to rise in popularity as companies prepare for the sunsetting of cookies. However, contextual advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on as multicultural audiences continue to have an outsized affect on broader American culture. No longer can digital media buyers rely on Spanish-language music as a proxy for Latinx audiences as Spanish-language artist, Bad Bunny, is the number one most streamed artist for the second year in a row. Proving that all Spanish speakers and non-Spanish speakers alike are enjoying his music.


    use more than one device at a time, several times a day


    feel very comfortable sharing media habits in exchange for a customized experience from a media company

    Industry leaders trust our services


    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”

    “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor. At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged and embrace our business as if it was their own. We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience”

    “ThinkNow is one of those rare communication agencies that recognizes and applies the moral and stategic value of cultural inclusiveness.”


    of our clients increase their audience with our insights

    Knowledge in market research

    • Marketing consulting & strategy

    • Advanced analytics and modeling

    • Message, ad & collateral testing

    People change



    Cultures shift

    About Us

    Finding out how these changes affect peoples' perceptions is where our heart and soul is.

    And this lifelong commitment to understanding, is a promise made to every partner and customer.

    A promise that is kept, and a promise that delivers.


    Unleash your understanding.

    Zero-Party Data

    Zero-party data is data that customers intentionally share with us. This includes purchase intentions, personal context and communication preferences. The best way to collect zero-party data is to ask for information in exchange for something of value. In ThinkNow’s case, this is through a survey with an exchange of a monetary incentive.
    The main difference between first-party data and zero-party data is explicit consent. First-party data gives you insights from analytics and user behaviors, but it is gathered passively, and users may not be aware their data is being collected. Zero-party data is handed over intentionally.

    Partnership & Certifications

    Partner with us

    Research with impact

    We provide insight solutions to help organizations thrive in the culturally evolving and dynamically shifting demographic environments of the U.S. markets.

    Thought leadership

    The reports we conduct collect compelling data regarding important subjects such as entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion and lately vaccination perceptions.

    Purpose driven

    We help companies to build a more inclusive and representative society through research. We help them understand the culture behind and also help them stop relying on stereotypes.


    of Gen Z (93%) report streaming as the primary way they watch TV programming most often

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    of users ages 18-22 report being addicted to social media


    ThinkNow data can be bought programmatically through The Trade Desk, DV360, and Xandr. More DSP integrations will be available in the future.

    ThinkNow is a multicultural market research company with over a decade of experience. ThinkNow uses self-reported survey data to power their programmatically available audience.

    ThinkNow is a market research company specializing in multicultural research. ThinkNow co-founder, Mario X. Carrasco, is the founder of the first Hispanic panel and has evolved ThinkNow’s offerings to include a programmatic solution. ThinkNow’s unique algorithm ensures respondents are who they say they are. ThinkNow tailors their surveys to keep up with trends to gather unique interests in the ever-evolving US audience.

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