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kNowy is our mobile application that gathers mobile behavior from opt-in users across the Total Market.

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kNowy Customer Success Story


Many have speculated as to how Hispanic online search behavior differs or is similar to that of non-Hispanic Whites. Numerous studies have been conducted on the subject. Results often fall victim to the same issue, that respondents tend to tell researchers what they think we want to hear. But what we’re looking for is a better understanding of what these cohorts really do while searching online,.

Business Challenge

The Google Multicultural team needed data to back up hypothesis on Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic search differences and similarity in order to sell access to their multicultural search audiences more effectively.


We recruited a representative sample of 500 U.S. Hispanics and 650 Non-Hispanic Whites and asked them to download our proprietary mobile behavioral tracking app, Knowy. Over a two-week period, the app collected all mobile search, websites visited, and apps used by our representative sample. We collected over 2.5 million page views and logged over 170,000 search results.


This study is the tip of the iceberg in terms of understanding how search behaviors differ among ethnic cohorts. As we begin to delve deeper into the mobile behavioral data the app is providing us, the more marketers will be able to understand how to optimize their digital dollars based on actual online behaviors vs. stated behaviors.

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