Hispanic Quantitative Market Research

Hispanic Online Copy Testing

We’ve applied our years of quantitative concept & copy testing experience towards the creation of a methodology that works with online Hispanic consumers.

Our online copy test is administered in-home, drawing respondents from our nationally-representative DigayGane.com online panel.

The methodology provides results for Test vs. Control & Test vs. Norms.

Hispanic Online Copy Testing Key Measures

The key measures of our Hispanic copy testing services include:

  • Ad Recall: Measured using a clutter reel containing the test ad and four filler ads. The test ad is rotated between the 2nd and 4th position on the reel to avoid position bias.
  • Persuasiveness: Assessed through the measurement of the commercial’s effect on aided and unaided purchase intent using a five-point purchase intent question.
  • Brand Perceptions: Measured with closed-ended brand attribute ratings.
  • Commercial Ratings: Measured with closed-ended likes, dislikes and commercial attribute ratings.
  • Memorability & Brand Linkage: Measured with closed-ended advertiser probes.

Open-ended Communication measures probing Main Idea and Content Recall can be included as well.

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