ThinkNow Voter Study

Background: To help motivate people to register to vote in 2020, Field Team 6 needed to understand the specific factors and messaging that are most likely to resonate with eligible voters in battleground states.

Solution: ThinkNow designed two separate online surveys to gather insights from eligible U.S. voters. Both surveys targeted Hispanics, African Americans/Blacks, Asians and Whites.

Results: The results of our two studies provided critical intelligence to Field Team 6. Among the significant findings was that anti-Trump message wasn’t enough.

New Flavor Concept Test Study

Background: A food category brand in Latin America had been exploring the possibility of introducing a new flavor concept to consumers in the U.S. and felt that a concept test was necessary among the brand’s current users.

Solution: ThinkNow designed a quantitative research study that explored perceptions and barriers to product innovation. The research targeted U.S. Hispanic, African American/Black, and Non-Hispanic White users of the brand.

Results: Our study revealed that an overwhelming majority of their consumers were excited about this new flavor, giving the food category brand the green light to move forward.

Brand & Ad Tracking Study

Brands & Ads Study

Background: TV service provider Dish LATINO was looking for a partner to conduct an ongoing brand health and advertising tracking study.  The research objective was to better understand the U.S. Latino consumer across four acculturation levels.

Solution: ThinkNow created a custom hybrid solution for DishLATINO to meet the needs of the study. Using our proprietary Hispanics panel (DigaYGane™) and intercept-to-online methods across several U.S. markets.

Results: This research study’s insights have helped the brand and its agency tailor its messaging and strategy for its target audience.

Auto Insurance Study

Background: A leading national auto insurance company needed a partner to provide high quality data that would allow them to deeply understand their existing and potential customers to develop strategies for their marketing and media efforts.

Solution: ThinkNow recommended an audience segmentation and planning tool ThinkNow ConneKt that provided the client with not only a nationally representative General Market sample, but also with an augment of their specific target of automotive insurance policy holders and decision

Results: ThinkNow ConneKt provided the national auto insurance company with valuable information about their consumers. This data allowed them to address specific personas with targeted strategies and inform their future media plans.

ThinkNow Ad Council Creative Testing

Creative Testing

Background: One third of Hispanic students do not graduate on time with a standard diploma, which can have a severe short- and long-term impact on their economic security and health.

Solution: ThinkNow conducted a quantitative research study to measure the effectiveness of three advertising concepts developed for the “No One Gets a Diploma Alone” campaign. We measured overall appeal, believability, message recall, likes/dislikes, motivation, and impact on their interest in pursuing a high school diploma.

Results: The research revealed that the “no one gets a diploma alone” messaging has strong appeal among Latino adults. It effectively communicates that they can lean on others for things that are preventing them from taking action – i.e., transportation to/from the study center, cooking dinner, and/or caring for parents/children.

ThinkNow Hispanic Qualitative Research

Hispanic Qualitative Research

Background: A Fortune 100 auto maker was looking to take the lead with multicultural consumers in the U.S. To do so, the brand team needed to better understand the unique needs and behaviors of Hispanic consumers.

Solution: ThinkNow created an integrated solution combining online discussion boards, in-person focus groups, and in-depth interviews. The approach was divided into three individual phases designed to start broadly on a national level via online discussion boards.

Results: The results from the study have been groundbreaking for the auto maker. It not only gave them the direction they needed to create more relevant marketing messages, but also brought about additional awareness and revealed how many of their previous understandings and assumptions about this demographic were inaccurate and thus changed.

ThinkNow Communications & Message Testing

Communications & Message Testing

Background: Campbell Ewald was tasked with determining if advertising used in past Covered California campaigns was still effective in encouraging uninsured Californians to sign up for health insurance via the state health insurance exchange.

Solution: ThinkNow conducted 15 focus groups with segments in both Southern and Northern California targeting Hispanic, African American, and multi-segment audiences.

Results: It was determined that messaging used to communicate with remaining uninsured Californians needed to change.  The remaining uninsured Californians need insurance information to be communicated more explicitly.

Hispanic Caregivers Study

Hispanic Caregivers

Background: The research objectives were to learn about caregiver needs and the current Hispanic/Latino experience, build a connected experience that meets the needs of the local community, and identify key levers that will drive the impact and relevance of the association’s programs.

Solution: ThinkNow conducted an immersive, ethnographic study of 15 Stakeholders, 22 Caregivers (Low, Medium, High Acculturated Hispanics) and 9 Care recipients (Age range 57-90).

Results: ThinkNow’s insights enabled the association to strategize at the local level and more effectively direct its offering to other audiences across the country.

ThinkNow SBA Research Rebrand Study

Research Rebrand

Background: In preparation for the launch of a new brand and communications plan during National Small Business Week in 2018, the Small Business Administration (SBA) determined that a multi-phased research study was needed to explore the motivations, challenges and barriers small business owners faced and to measure their familiarity, usage and perceptions of the SBA and its services.

Solution: Together with the SBA and its marketing agency, ThinkNow developed a comprehensive research plan that consisted of the following elements: Listening Sessions, Synthesis of Information, Audience Profiles & two rounds of Creative Testing.

Results: Through this comprehensive and successful research program, ThinkNow was able to provide the SBA with critical information and insights that guided and informed its brand and creative strategy for 2018.