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ThinkNow Is a technology driven cultural insights agency. ThinkNow enables companies and government agencies to discover the cultural drivers that influence consumer decisions. We provide insight solutions to help organizations thrive in a changing demographic environment.

ThinkNow Focus Groups & Latino Outreach

Background A university extension program has made it a priority to expand its reach into Latino communities across Tennessee, focusing primarily on limited resource-Latino parents. To better understand the needs in this demographic, they sought out a research partner to conduct qualitative research centered on gathering information about: (1) personal values, (2) motivators and barriers to healthy eating and physical activity, and (3) sources of information about healthy eating. The study was also tasked with capturing consumer feedback on printed materials previously created for the Latino community by the university extension program. The study results would inform the development of future programs and related collateral materials targeted to the Latino community. Solution ThinkNow proposed and conducted 13 focus groups among limited-resource (SNAP recipients or SNAP eligible) Latino parents or guardians of children under age 18. The groups were conducted across several urban and rural locations that represented west, central, and east Tennessee. A total of seven locations were included in the study. The study’s success hinged on ThinkNow’s approach for a non-traditional participant recruitment process that relied on relationships and grassroots efforts with Latino-focused community organizations. These organizations helped bridge access to the target consumer in both urban and rural markets. Focus groups were conducted primarily at venues familiar to the target consumer, such as schools, churches, and community centers. We intentionally recruited from and conducted sessions at locations that provided a safe and trusting environment for participants. Doing so ensured their attendance and participation instead of using a standard focus group facility that reduced participation. Results ThinkNow’s ability to discern the needs of both the university extension program and participants resulted in a successful study that met the project's goals and deliverables. The overarching

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ThinkNow CDC Focus Groups

Background Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne illness that causes fever, joint pain, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling and rash. One of the main entry points into the U.S. for the virus is the porous U.S./Mexico border region. Specifically Spanish-speaking border-region residents that frequently travel between the U.S. and Mexico. The CDC created Spanish language informational material but was concerned that awareness of the virus and its mode of transmission was still extremely low among Spanish speakers in the region. Distrust within the border region presented another challenge as prospects were highly suspicious of being interviewed due to widespread deportation rumors. Solution ThinkNow Research worked with local community organizations and within the CDC to enhance recruitment outreach. A series of in-person focus groups of bicultural and unacculturated Hispanic residents were successfully conducted along the U.S./Mexico border to determine how best to communicate the dangers of Chikungunya to this demographic. The focus groups took place in San Diego, CA, Las Cruces, NM, McCallen, TX, Nogales, AZ and El Paso TX, where attitudes and awareness were determined while simultaneously evaluating informational collateral within the groups. Results Working collaboratively, ThinkNow and the CDC met weekly to compare findings. We uncovered messaging and imagery that communicated a clear message and resonated with focus group participants. As a result, the CDC was able to determine which collateral communications and overall language and visual constructions were most effective in communicating how to avoid contracting or spreading the virus. The CDC updated messaging and collateral based on ThinkNow’s research results and distributed the new materials to healthcare centers throughout the region. The collateral from this project is still in use today and has helped the CDC achieve its goal of slowing the virus’ spread

June 1st, 2021|Case Study|

ThinkNow Cancer Copy Testing

Background A leading cancer treatment network sought out a research partner to test the effectiveness of numerous television commercials over multiple years. They needed to determine if their ads successfully positioned their call to action for various markets and patient demographics. Because the core target audience included active cancer treatment patients, the network needed to work with a partner who had experience dealing with sensitive topics and patient confidentiality. Solution ThinkNow was selected to conduct these online copy tests among cancer patients. Because of the challenges in reaching this target audience, ThinkNow worked with various panel partners to recruit participants. Since several ads were tested over multiple years, ThinkNow created a custom database of norms to evaluate how each ad performed compared to other ads that ran during this period. Results Through these copy tests, the cancer treatment network has been able to gain critical insight around their messaging for current and potential patients. Some of the key findings include how impactful the ads were for patient response to calls to action and pinpointing which ad spots were ineffective, allowing them to make informed decisions on which ads to include in future marketing efforts. Download Case Study

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ThinkNow Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Background A leading luxury automotive brand sought to uncover a deeper understanding of the perception of luxury SUVs among U.S. Hispanic consumers and use those insights to inform creative and messaging. To achieve this goal, the brand and its agency needed a research solution that delivered quick insights that delivered quick, actionable insights and a platform to measure the success of their efforts. Solution ThinkNow created an integrated market research solution combining online discussion boards with a pre and post-quantitative study. Phase 1 - Qualitative: designed to capture qualitative insights in key markets via online discussion boards among unacculturated and bicultural Hispanic consumers to provide rich feedback to inform creative. Phase 2 - Quantitative: consisted of a pre and post-quantitative study that utilized a hybrid methodology of online and mall-intercept. This study quantified and validated the findings from the qualitative phase and provided a post-campaign measurement of the success of the ads and messaging. Results The ThinkNow study results gave the luxury automotive brand and its agency the perspective needed to create a culturally relevant marketing campaign that resonated with U.S. Hispanic consumers while highlighting the features and benefits of its vehicles.   Download Case Study

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ThinkNow Army Drivers & Barriers

Background The AMRG team at the US Army, in conjunction with their Ad Agency, McCann, needed to gain greater clarity and validation (on a national scale) of the African American drivers and barriers for joining the Army among prospects (potential recruits) and their influencers, established in previous qualitative research triads. ThinkNow was retained to conduct an in-depth quantitative study among these two segments. Solution ThinkNow designed a study to validate and quantify the learnings from the qualitative phase and to test messaging, motivators and barriers. This study consisted of a nationwide online survey among 300 African American Prospects ages 16 to 24, and 300 Influencers which were made up of parents and older siblings of potential recruits. Principal Components Analysis (a type of factor analysis) was employed to distinguish how Prospects and Influencers responded differently to motivators, barriers and messages. The study also researched perceptions of the different military branches, their likelihood to join, and preferred methods or channels for engaging with these branches. Results Through this research, ThinkNow identified the messages that were most likely to resonate with African American Prospects and their Influencers. The insights garnered were leveraged to drive more balanced P2P (production to population) performance within the African American consumer market, as well as impact recruitment marketing efforts through informing recruitment strategies, tactics and outreach. Download Case Study

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Brand & Ad Tracking Study

Background: TV service provider Dish LATINO was looking for a partner to conduct an ongoing brand health and advertising tracking study.  The research objective was to better understand the U.S. Latino consumer across four acculturation levels, including the difficult-to-reach unacculturated segment. The tracking study would monitor key metrics for the brand and its competitors, including brand awareness, familiarity, likelihood to use, and brand perception. DishLATINO also wanted a vehicle to test the recall, perception, and persuasion of many of its Spanish-language TV ads. Solution: ThinkNow created a custom hybrid solution for DishLATINO to meet the needs of the study. Using our proprietary Hispanics panel (DigaYGane™) and intercept-to-online methods across several U.S. markets, ThinkNow has conducted ten waves and more than 10,000 interviews since 2016. The Hispanic sample includes quotas for four acculturation levels – Unacculturated, Spanish-Dominant Bicultural, English-Dominant Bicultural, and English-Dominant. ThinkNow provides a detailed report for each wave where the results of these four segments are analyzed in-depth and compared to previous waves. Results: This research study's insights have helped the brand and its agency tailor its messaging and strategy for its target audience. DishLATINO can monitor its brand health among U.S. Latinos and stay on top of important trends impacting the TV service industry, including the adaptation of TV online streaming services. The study has also allowed DishLATINO to periodically test new messaging, TV ads, and product/service concepts. Testimonial: “We consider ThinkNow Research a partner more than a vendor.  At every level of interaction, they are fully engaged, and they embrace our business as if it was their own.  We rely heavily on their expertise and understanding of the Hispanic audience, and are always impressed with the exceptional quality, responsive service, and on-time,

December 15th, 2020|Case Study|

Auto Insurance Study

Background: A leading national auto insurance company needed a partner to provide high quality data that would allow them to deeply understand their existing and potential customers to develop strategies for their marketing and media efforts. Business Challenge: The national auto insurance company wantedto ensure the consumer insights gained aligned closely with the segmentation they were accustomed to using across the organization. Having a partner with robust data and advanced capabilities to integrate their requirements within the tool was essential. Solution: ThinkNow recommended an audience segmentation and planning tool ThinkNow ConneKt that provided the client with not only a nationally representative General Market sample, but also with an augment of their specific target of automotive insurance policy holders and decisionmakers. Results: ThinkNow ConneKt provided the national auto insurance company with valuable information about their consumers. This data allowed them to address specific personas with targeted strategies and inform their future media plans. Download Case Study

December 15th, 2020|Case Study|

New Flavor Concept Test Study

Background: A food category brand in Latin America had been exploring the possibility of introducing a new flavor concept to consumers in the U.S. Before making a final decision, the company’s marketing and strategy partner in the US felt that a concept test was necessary among the brand’s current users. The challenge was finding a company with experience researching different ethnic groups in the U.S and could provide findings within a short time frame. ThinkNow was awarded the study because of its ability to do both. Solution: ThinkNow designed a quantitative research study that explored perceptions and barriers to product innovation. The research targeted U.S. Hispanic, African American/Black, and Non-Hispanic White users of the brand, focusing on moms with young children. Because brand penetration was low and the research needed to focus on just a handful of DMAs, ThinkNow took a less conventional approach to recruiting these respondents, resulting in readable base sizes per segment and by DMA. Results: Our study revealed that an overwhelming majority of their consumers were excited about this new flavor, giving the food category brand the green light to move forward. Testimonial: “Our client, a food category brand, needed to do an early-stage probe among its users to evaluate perception of a new product innovation concept. We probed three ethnic groups across 6 key markets with a challenging 15-day turnaround time. We were all very impressed with ThinkNow’s ability to pull this through. Quality of the data was excellent and it was delivered on time for our decision-making process.” Download Case Study

December 15th, 2020|Case Study|

ThinkNow Voter Study

Background Field Team 6 is an organization that focuses on registering Democratic voters in swing states. It successfully registered new voters prior to the 2018 midterm elections by focusing on targeting voters who opposed President Trump. To help motivate people to register to vote in 2020, Field Team 6 needed to understand the specific factors and messaging that are most likely to resonate with eligible voters in battleground states.  Solution ThinkNow designed two separate online surveys to gather insights from eligible U.S. voters. Both surveys targeted Hispanics, African Americans/Blacks, Asians and Whites. The first survey was conducted nationally and measured attitudes and preferences regarding the 2020 Presidential election and attitudes about the administration and its policies. A second survey was conducted several months later among adults from battleground states who had registered to vote within the past five years. The survey collected information on why they registered to vote, the most important factors in deciding who to vote for, and how they planned to vote in November, and related topics. Results The results of our two studies provided critical intelligence to Field Team 6. Among the significant findings was that anti-Trump message wasn’t enough. The COVID-19 pandemic emerged as the single most important issue facing voters prior to the 2020 election, which indicated that any messaging to eligible voters needed to focus on that issue. Field Team 6 ran their new messaging and TRIPLED their average registration numbers the first weekend in-field.  Testimonial “Thanks to your research and intelligence, you are directly helping to effectively register Democrats in the battleground states that will make the difference in taking back the Senate and the White House in November. Thank you so much for what you’ve done

December 15th, 2020|Case Study|

ThinkNow SBA Research Rebrand Study

Challenge In preparation for the launch of a new brand and communications plan during National Small Business Week in 2018, the Small Business Administration (SBA) determined that a multi-phased research study was needed to explore the motivations, challenges and barriers small business owners faced and to measure their familiarity, usage and perceptions of the SBA and its services. The testing of new communications and creative concepts for the SBA was also part of the research effort. Solution Together with the SBA and its marketing agency, ThinkNow developed a comprehensive research plan that consisted of the following elements: Listening Sessions: ThinkNow conducted a series of qualitative listening sessions among SBA resource partners to determine the needs and perceptions of these partners as it related to the SBA and its services.Synthesis of Information: ThinkNow synthesized existing data, trends and other information on small business owners and prepared a detailed report that synthesized the information from these multiple sources.Audience Profiles: ThinkNow developed a profile of the SBA’s key audience segments that included demographic and psychographic information, key issues/desires/motivators, and communication habits.Creative Testing (Round 1): ThinkNow conducted 12 online focus groups to test creative concepts among small business owners of different business life stages. This qualitative research eliminated the weakest concepts and provided direction on the stronger ones.Creative Testing (Round 2): ThinkNow conducted a second round of online focus groups (9) to test the revised creative concepts.  Results Through this comprehensive and successful research program, ThinkNow was able to provide the SBA with critical information and insights that guided and informed its brand and creative strategy for 2018. Download Case Study

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