The ThinkNow Research Hispanic Sample

Hispanic Online Research Panel
ThinkNow Research is the premier provider of high-quality Hispanic online sample to Fortune 500 companies and research firms looking to collect data from among the U.S. Hispanic population. Our bilingual research team manages the collection and curation of Hispanic sample through every step of the sample process: from panelist recruitment and management to feasibility projections to constructing custom sample frames and delivering high-quality data on time.

ThinkNow Research has developed a proprietary panel recruitment strategy that combines exclusive advertising partnerships with several English and Spanish online publishers with national Spanish-language television campaigns. This unique strategy yields a large number of Spanish-dominant Hispanics, an element which other Hispanic online panels lack. The result is a panel which reliably delivers a representative sample of engaged respondents among which response rates upwards of 30% are not unusual. Our proprietary recruitment mix allows us to reach 89% of the U.S. Hispanic population – the largest percentage of any Hispanic sample provider.

Strict quality control measures are in place to further ensure our panelists are engaged and delivering high quality data. Our 360 degree panel management strategies start at the point of entry with online identification technologies and include proactive panelist retention plans and effective incentive programs that achieve a singular goal: accurate sample counts that form the basis of a solid platform our clients can rely on for actionable, representative data, project after project.

Nationally Representative Sample

ThinkNow Research works in conjunction with clients to define sampling parameters, using Census-based frames to construct nationally- or regionally-representative samples tailored to the client’s objectives.

We have the ability to sample hard-to-reach sub-groups within the U.S. Hispanic population, as well as un-acculturated, bicultural, and acculturated respondents we identify through the application of a 4-question proprietary algorithm included in our registration survey. We use quotas within these sub-populations to create a representative sample and deploy the sample, utilizing requested criteria.

Hispanic Online Sample

Totals and percentages extracted from files released by the U.S. Census Bureau in February and March of 2011.

Panel Security and Sample

  • Double opt-in ensures email validity.
  • City, country, and zip code are validated against government and 3rd party database records.
  • De-duplication occurs automatically during registration to ensure unique respondents.
  • Panel data is hosted on Nebu secure systems with multilayer server security.
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