[Podcast] Why Brands Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Issues Impacting Black Consumers

In this conversation, we will explore how brands can play a role in addressing social justice issues in the Black American community by helping improve the lives of Black American consumers while driving brand engagement, loyalty, and sales. Speakers: Pepper Miller, Recognized Black American Market Researcher, Author, Subject Matter Expert and Speaker and Reginald Osborne, Strategic Business Leader & Cultural Expert.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Mobile App Trends Report 2018

ThinkNow Mobile App Report: Why Brands Are Turning Back To Mobile Apps Mobile apps are experiencing a retail renaissance. Nike’s revenue has done a complete 180 this year, showing one of their strongest quarters in the past decade, driven primarily by their new mobile strategy which leveled up its mobile app to include gamification features. Starbucks’ mobile app has transformed the way coffee lovers order and pay for their favorite brews, and McDonalds’ new mobile app strategy has managed to appeal to younger consumers and lower labor costs. For a technology that’s showing its age (apps have been around for a decade now), it’s exciting to see a renewed interest in it by retailers and brands, despite a string of headlines alluding to “the death of the mobile app.”

[Podcast] ThinkNow Media™ Report 2018

Years ago, TV viewers watched and recorded their favorite shows on cable. Chained to our VCRs, we collected episode laden VHS tapes like squirrels collect nuts in the winter. Then DVRs came along, liberating us from reels of magnetic tape and wooing us with the allure of live TV on our own terms. Flash forward a few years. Streaming services disrupt TV as we know it. Viewers now have the option to stream entire seasons of shows from every genre, from throwbacks like The Wonder Years and Full House to Game of Thrones and Westworld, and everything in between. At ThinkNow, we’ve studied this shift in media consumption for three years now. Our ThinkNow Media™ report tracks cross-platform viewing, streaming habits, gaming, and binge viewing habits across the total market.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Entrepreneurship Report 2018

Historically, small businesses in the U.S. have fueled the economic engine by supplying a steady stream of new jobs. However, in recent years, new business birth rates have slowed prompting the Kaufman Foundation to declare that startup rates are “half of what they were a decade ago.” This is surprising because the U.S. is seen as a global leader in entrepreneurship. Americans have created whole new industries from scratch through the courage, determination and skill of generations of risk takers. Is America at risk of losing this status? Perhaps, but why? It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for the overall decline in entrepreneurship in America.

[Podcast] Social Media & Digital Usage in 2018

Affluent U.S. Hispanics Drive Daily Usage of Top Social Media Platforms U.S. Hispanics earning $75,000+ a year significantly over-index on key digital and social media measures when compared to non-Hispanic Whites. From the platforms they use to what they do when they get there, Hispanics are “always on,” depending heavily on their smartphones to keep them connected to family and friends, to research brands, and to make purchases. In our new report, Social Media & Digital Usage in 2018, we partnered with mitú to take a closer look at the latest social media and digital trends across all U.S. consumers, specifically examining attitudes and activity by ethnicity and race, income and daypart.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Hispanic Soccer Fan Study 2018

Game Changer: 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Goes Mobile Our national consumer study of soccer fans reveals how Hispanics engage with soccer on social media and how they plan to follow & cultivate the World Cup experience, how they will engage the World Cup and how receptive they are to social media advertising. Special guest, Hugo Balta, Senior Director of Hispanic Initiatives at ESPN, joins Mario X. Carrasco, Managing Partner at ThinkNow Research for the #ThinkNowMRX Podcast Series, to discuss the findings of the ThinkNow Hispanic Soccer Fan Study 2018.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Pulse™ Total Market Consumer Sentiment Report 2018

Despite steady income and low unemployment, consumers still leery of economy’s growth potential “A country divided” doesn’t just define the current political climate in the U.S. today, but also speaks to consumers’ general outlook of the economy and its impact on their way of life, including their purchase decisions. In the 5th installment of our annual report, ThinkNow Pulse™, we delved into consumer sentiment across Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and non-Hispanic white cohorts and found stark contrasts in consumer expectations last year when compared to past years.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Voice™ Total Market Smart Speaker Purchase Habits

The demand for voice technology is sweeping across a digitally dependent consumer base. From Google Home to Amazon’s Alexa, smart speakers are popping up in homes across America, decorating countertops and end tables with sleek listening devices that stand ready to respond to the owner’s request. A recent study by Juniper Research finds that 55% of homes will have smart speakers by the year 2020.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Retail™ Holiday Shopping Report 2017

Innovations In Technology Expected To Ignite A Boon For Retailers This Holiday Season On the heels of startling news of declining in-store sales earlier this year by popular brands and an overall sluggish retail environment, new research reveals that the current situation may not be as dire as it seems. Now in its fifth year, ThinkNow Retail™ in partnership with JElena Group, suggests that the adoption of mobile shopping among the Total Market, especially Hispanic consumers, has changed the dynamic of the consumer shopping experience, but not consumers desire to shop.

[Podcast] ThinkNow Media™ – Streaming Services, Gaming & Media Consumption Habits Report 2017

ThinkNow Media™ Explores Streaming and Live TV Habits of Total Market Consumers Consumer demand for streaming services has opened the door for new players. Snapchat has signed development deals in the past year with Walt Disney’s ESPN, Discovery, the NFL, A+E Networks, Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, and Vice Media. Twitter recently signed on to stream several sports leagues, which is on par with its strategy to carve out their share of the live streaming category.