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All Hispanic Research Is Not Created Equal

As Hispanic market spend continues to grow and more companies are looking to capture a piece of this growing consumer, Hispanic research has been on the same exponential growth trajectory. More and more research companies are marketing themselves as equipped with Hispanic research capabilities and Hispanic online sample providers have been growing at the same rate. As a research company dedicated to researching multicultural consumers, we have welcomed the growing number of panel companies in the space since the need for Hispanic online sample is so great.

Panel Response Rates Are Threatening The Sample Industry

Thankfully Not The Hispanic Sample Industry…Yet. Much has been said about how poor panel practices are going to eventually lead to the exhaustion of the sample available from panels. From the latest GRIT report to the most recent CASRO conference, the bemoaning of response rates is hard to tune out, and rightfully so. As market researchers, this is definitely an area we can improve on. However, being in a niche sample industry, Hispanic sample, we have yet to feel the dire consequences of 40-minute surveys and constant spamming of our panelists.

Advertising and the Bilingual Brain

Emotional Effect that Bilingual Advertising Has ThinkNow Research co-founder, Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk, was asked by National Geographic’s Spanish language cable channel, NatGeo Mundo, to help conduct some research on the effects of bilingual advertising on U.S. bilingual Hispanic consumers. NatGeo Mundo wanted to explore the emotional effect that bilingual advertising has on the human brain.

Is Acculturation Really Dead?

We’ve been hearing the death knell for acculturation for the past several years now in the Hispanic marketing world. A large percentage of Fortune 1000 companies, however, still use acculturation as a point of reference for segmentation so as a research company we still see acculturation models regularly. However, a call with an ad agency last week made us do a double take and question, is acculturation really dead?

3 Reasons Why Country Of Origin Improves Hispanic Sample Requests

“I need 500 Spanish-dominant Hispanics that are primary grocery shoppers.” This is a common Hispanic sample request. While straightforward, this request is missing a critical component that could boost the integrity of the data; country of origin. Hispanics in the U.S. come from 22 different countries of origin. The top three have been changing as Hispanics from El Salvador are poised to surpass Cubans as the 3rd highest country of origin in the U.S. While all of these countries share a common language, culturally they are distinct and unique.

Hispanics Travel, Affluent Hispanics TRAVEL

The travel industry has been going through a transformative period as travel agents and tour operators are struggling to compete with online booking and self-guided vacations driven by online review sites. As the official Hispanic market research partner of the National Tourism Association, ThinkNow Research has created a comprehensive research study delving into the traveling habits of U.S. Hispanics.

Hispanic Brand Loyalty – Yes! … and No…

We’ve written before on this blog about Hispanic brand loyalty. In that installment we looked at CPG products and explored the likelihood of Hispanic consumers switching brands under various circumstances. We’ve often heard that Hispanics are more brand loyal than non-Hispanics which makes it an imperative to get them to choose your brand when they’re young or recently arrived since they’ll likely stick with it in years to come.

TV Binge Viewing Habits of Hispanic Consumers

On the heels of one of the most prolific content years for major streaming services like Amazon with 2 Golden Globes for “Transparent” and Netflix releasing the 3rd season of the hit show “House of Cards”, we at ThinkNow Research decided to conduct a nationwide survey to explore the TV binge viewing habits of Hispanic Consumers.

March 16th, 2015|Blog, Hispanic Consumer Research|

Total Market Consumer Sentiment 2015

For the third year in a row, ThinkNow Research has conducted a nationwide study on how the U.S. Hispanic community feels about the economy, their own financial situation and some of their spending plans. And this year, for the first time, the study also includes other ethnicities – Non-Hispanic Whites, African-Americans and Asian-Americans for a Total Market comparison. This blog and downloadable PowerPoint deck (with the detailed survey results) are a must-read for any business targeting the multicultural populations.

[Video] Affluent Hispanic Entertainment & Brands

What exactly are affluent Hispanics (those earning $100K+ per year) spending their money on and how do these behaviors measure up to non-Hispanics? Check out our video overview and download our free report to find out.

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